Soy Candles - Rustic Wicks Candle Co.
Handmade Soy candles with wooden wicks

 Our candles are made with all-natural soy wax (made from beans grown by midwest farmers in the USA) mixed with the perfect amount of high-quality fragrance oils to give you a candle experience that you’re just dying to tell your friends about.

 Micro-Batched to Perfection-We hand pour each and every candle ourselves in small-batch runs. The result? – Unparalleled quality with a delightful uniqueness that our customers love and return for.

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orders over $50

Handmade Goods

Poured with love and good vibrations

Longest Burning

minimal soot, even burning, wooden wicks

Non-Toxic & Safe!

Environmentally Friendly for home and earth

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