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100% Environmentally sustainable- We strongly value product quality, customer satisfaction and our commitment to the environment


Rustic Wicks Candle Company is located on our small, family farm in the hillside country of beautiful South-Central Kentucky. My name is Chris, I am joined by my beautiful wife Sandy and we have two children Christian and Sarah. We also own and manufacture our own line of completely organic, skin care products using 100% goat milk which has some incredible benefits for your family. Check us out at SillyGoatsSoap.com 

On our little patch of heaven called “Silly Goats Farm” we enjoy getting back to the basics.  We love God, family, friends, and our animals.  We like the concept of being self-sufficient and we are constantly striving to get closer to that goal.

In addition to the goats, we have 3 dogs, a German Shepherd, a little Terrier-mix lap dog and our little Snorky pup.  Oh, and don’t forget the cats (not that they will let you).  We have 1 horse (at the moment,) and she is an Arabian that we enjoy fussing over. We have our laying hens, for fresh eggs daily.  We raise our own pigs, meat rabbits, turkeys, ducks and meat chickens too.  I am hoping to add beehives someday (because I need some more to do).  So, as you can see, we have our hands full, but we enjoy all of this very much.

Handmade soy candles in reusable mason jars

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“The crackling woodwicks in our candles will remind you of sitting in front of the fireplace or sitting around a campfire. We designed our candles to help you relax and bring back your cherished nostalgic memories.”

-Chris S, Owner of Rustick Wicks & Silly Goat Soaps Company-


KEEPING IT SIMPLE: The more natural our product, the more pure your experience. We use only the most essential ingredients in a true artisan tradition, creating products we can be extremely proud to stand behind.


DO THE RIGHT THING, even when nobody is looking. Especially when nobody is looking. We value each unique relationship with our customers and with our partners. We go the extra mile to ensure your experience is exceptional. We admit when we make a mistake and we make it right.

Environmental Sustainability

The modern american home would typically be empty if you did this so don't go tearing through your house yet. We've created a quality line of skin care products that's 100% all natural with minimal traces of toxins. We really care a lot about this.

Send a gift, even to yourself!

Set the proper mood by placing our candle in any room of your house, light it up and enjoy its unique blend of fragrances for hours and hours on end! Our scented candles are all soot-free, burn ultra-clean and most importantly,we use packaging that is fully biodegradable and sustainable for the environment but, are also excellent for gifts to that special person!

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