Christmas Wish Soy Candle


Christmas Wish Soy Candle – Add an extra glow to Christmas with this bright, fresh fragrance.


The Christmas Wish Soy Candle was created from the heart and made with love for you to share with your family during one of the most special times of the year.  Our Christmas Wish candle contains a jolly combination of oranges, fresh woody pines rounded out with creamy vanilla make this a cheery wish come true!

Here at Silly Goats Soap Company where we make Rustic Wicks Candles.) We love the Christmas Wish fragrance so much that we make it into goat milk soap and we do seasonal goat milk lotion during the holiday season.  During the summer we still make the soap we just call it “Wish”.

It is a year around favorite and we have a good following for this fragrance.


This soy candle like all of our candles is made with 100% soy wax.  Grown by small farms across the USA.  Small farmers who love the land and what they do, along with a little help from the good Lord above, grow this wonderful plant, harvest and make it into 1000’s of products.  We just happen to use it for our Rustic wick candles.

Why use soy wax in your candles?


Here are 5 Reasons Soy Candles Are Better…

  1.  Burns longer: Soy candles are more expensive to make then paraffin wax candles.  Compare the length of the burn time and they are comparable..
  2. Is sustainable: Unlike paraffin, which is derived from oil, soy is a renewable resource. Try to look for local brands made with soy that has been grown sustainably.
  3. Soy Is Biodegradable: Because it is biodegradable you clean it up, with soap and water if spilled
  4. Better for your health: Soy burns cleaner and produces as much as 90 percent less soot than paraffin wax does., This reducing the amount of indoor air pollution produced over the course of your meal.
  5. Won’t ruin your walls: The emissions from paraffin candles build up on walls, staining the paint in your home. They also build up in upholstery fabrics and in carpets, affecting the air quality in your home.
  6. Spilled soy is easier to clean up: Soy is biodegradable so if it spills on your tablecloth or clothing, it’s a lot easier to clean than paraffin. 



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8oz, Large 16oz, Melts


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