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Orange Candle

Orange Grove Candle scents come fresh from a thousand orange groves-to your home! With its pleasant scent of blood orange, red currant, and hyacinth blossoms, it will make a welcomed addition to any mantel or tabletop. 

Are you a citrus lover?  Our Orange Grove woodwick candle may be just what you are looking for.  Here on the farm as the grey days of winter seem to last forever, we sometimes want a little reminder of the sun.  The alluring scent of sweet oranges with a hint of floral in this Orange Candle is just the ticket.  As the fragrance wafts through the whole house you can’t help but be reminded of sunnier (not to mention warmer, lol) days.   We hope you love it as much as we do.

Orange Grove Candles

All of our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, made right here in the USA.  We make our Orange Grove Candles in small batches and hand pour them into mason jars.  Here at Rustic Wick Candles  we’ve chosen to use a natural wood wick to enhance the candle experience that little bit more.  Wood Wick Candles are known to burn longer and cleaner (with very little soot) than a standard cotton wick.  We won’t lie. We love the look and sound of the wooden wicks.  They have a beautiful silhouette and that slight snap and crackle just add a nice touch to the overall experience.

Woodwick Candles Burn Time

  • Melts :  Most 1-oz wax melts will warm in an electric warmer with a strong scent throw ranging anywhere from 8–12 hours, depending on the scent type, size of your wax melt, and whether you’re burning your wax melt continuously or in intervals.
    •  2.7 oz :  24-30 Hrs
  • Candles : Burn Times can vary depending on air currents in the home or office.
    •  8oz : 45-50 hours
    • 16oz : 85-100 hours

Candle Care:

Keep your Orange Candle wick trimmed down to 1/4 inch before you light your candle. I just pinch the burnt tip off the top before lighting.

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8oz, Large 16oz, Melts


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