Sandalwood Candle


A soft vanilla mixes with an earthy sandalwood and musk for a powdery Earthy aroma.

Your Gonna Love Our Sandalwood Candle!

Sandalwood Candle: Warm and earthy sandalwood connects with a base of rich Vanilla oils.  It is favorite of men and women and a real unisex smell. A soft vanilla mixes with an earthy sandalwood and musk for a powdery Earthy aroma.


Soy Wax: Our candles are all hand-made on our Silly Farm with all-natural soy wax (grown and harvested from beans grown by our own hard working farmers in the USA). Our natural soy wax is mixed with the exact amount of the finest quality fragrance oils on the market to give you a candle experience that you are going to love and one you will want to tell your friends and family all about..

Wooden Wicks:  We have researched and tested a bunch of wooden wicks.  Testing hardwood wicks, softwood wicks, tied processed woodwicks (Fake wood wicks,  like one of the big names in candles make and use).  The wick for our wooden wick candles is the only premium wood wick we will trust for our candles.  A wick we feel confident in and it gives you all of these great benefits:

  • Excellent scent throw
  • Enjoy a light crackle while burning
  • Patented construction
  • Works excellent with soy waxes
  • Booster strip improves performance

Mason Jars: When John Landis Mason invented the screw top Mason jar and patented it in 1858, I do not think he was thinking about candles.  Pretty sure preserving food was first and for most on his mind.  We have come along way in food preservation since then.  The Mason Jar has also come along way since then too.  Our Mason Jar Candles have that rustic, farm house look that just takes you back to a simpler time and place.

Micro-Batched to Perfection-

We hand pour each and every soy candle ourselves in small-batch runs. What does this mean to you? You get unparalleled quality with a delightful uniqueness that our customers love and return for time and time again.

Get you Sandalwood Candle candle today and start enjoying this soy candles country charm.

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8oz, Large 16oz, Melts


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